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Award Badges

Award Badges have been extremely over the years and we constantly have Schools, Charities, Associations and Corporate customers asking for award badges. The badges that we manufacture for schools vary from launching a new award scheme in school, badges to award students for academic achievements, award badges for 100% attendance or award badges to achieve different levels.

We find that with our corporate, charity and association customers that many of the award badges are given out for years worked, for example, we would manufacture badges with the organisation logo on we would then add years to the badges for example 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 to award them for their services or the years that they have worked.

The 4 popular finishes to the badges are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The four finishes allow you to have 4 levels of achievements. The average size of the award badges is 25mm. We take each enquiry and determine what the best size would be to manufacture badges. We suggest customers to keep the badges small as the badges become too heavy to wear if they are big in size. So with our expertise and experience we can guide our customer to have the best award badges.

We can manufacture badges to any shape and design and we can match all pantone colours. We would send you a badge design in a JPEG format within 48 hours, once you confirm the your award badge designs, we will then start manufacturing your badges and send you in 4 weeks time.

We have a variety of finishes for award badges which include hard enamel badge finish, printed badge finish, soft enamel badge finish and soft enamel with epoxy finish. We also offer a variety of fittings for award badges, which include clutch pin fitting, brooch pin fitting and magnetic fitting for award badges.

If you are a School or a University please get in contact with i4c Publicity Ltd on 024 7666 7440 for a FREE no-obligation quote.

Alternatively you can email us your design and requirements and we will get in touch with you.

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