The Advantage of Plastic Fittings for School Clip on Ties

Close up of plastic tie fitting on blue tie

Clip on ties are perfect for schools, as they allow students to look professional and smart, whilst being safe and easy to wear. Clip on ties are getting more popular, and according to a survey by Schoolwear Association, 10 schools a week in the UK are switching to clip-on ties. Here’s why… 

What is a clip on tie? 

Clip on ties are a necktie which are permanently tied, and is worn by attaching it to the front of a shirt collar by a plastic clip. Although they look like traditional ties, they are easier to wear – especially for young children. 

Stripe tie with plastic clip on fitting

What are the advantages of clip on ties?

Clip on ties are great for ease, as well as allowing young children to wear them. It also allows children with disabilities to still wear a tie if they are incapable of tying a tie, ensuring that they feel included along with their classmates. 

Here are some other advantages of clip ties: 

  • Less likely to cause irritation, unlike traditional ties 
  • Clips keep students from loosening ties in warm weather 
  • Allows all students to have the same length tie, which means they look smarter 
  • Can be put on more quickly than a traditional tie 
  • Can be safer as they are less likely to be pulled off 

Man attaching clip on tie to his white shirt collar

We provide high quality clip on ties for schools in a variety of designs, which we can use with your Schools crest or design from scratch. 

We also do standard ties, clip on ties, velcro ties or elasticated ties – contact us now to get a quote for your bespoke school ties.