Do Promotional Pens Work? 

We’ve all been to a networking event and picked up a handful of pens throughout the evening, but the real question – is do they work as a promotional product? 

In short, the answer is yes. Pens are a fundamental part of promotional merchandise product ranges and can have great effects on your marketing. 

What are the Benefits of Promotional Pens? 

Pens Reach a Wider Audience 

Promotional pens are a great way to get your brand into potential customers minds, by showcasing your logo and possibly contact details, which results in brand recognition. Even with the Digital Age upon us, everyone uses pens – on average 60% of people use a pen 5-10 times a day. What’s more, pens often get passed around to others, giving you extra exposure to others for free. 

Pens are essential around both the office and home, meaning that most people will use a pen throughout the day. The more times that people see your business name, the better your business performs, as it pushes your brand under people’s nose. 

Low Cost Marketing

Promotional pens are a low-cost effective way of marketing, as you can normally buy them in bulk for a lower price. 

Brand Recognition 

They also offer instant brand recognition, as consumers can identify your company and brand immediately by looking at your logo. 

A Wide Variety 

What’s more, you now have access to various different pens – from different coloured biros, highlighters, pencils and biodegradable ballpens – there’s more choice than ever! Meaning you will get in front of even the pickiest of people. 

Pair with Other Items 

The great thing about promotional pens is that you can pair them with other promotional merchandise, such as bottles. This allows you to print your logo and contact details on different items to give to customers and raise your brand awareness. 


If you’re looking for promotional pens for your brand, our friendly team is happy to advise and quote you a bespoke price for your desired merchandise. You can also view our wide range of promotional pens and writing equipment.