Fundraising Methods for Your Charity

charity fundraising pile of wristbands

Charities need to raise money in various ways to make sure they are able to cover costs and help those in need.

3 Creative Ways to Raise Those All Important Funds…  


1. Simple Selling 

Buying a bulk amount of cost effective items with your logo on and selling to supporters is a great way to raise funds as well as increasing the awareness of your cause. Some companies may also offer you deals and discounts to get the bulk items cheaper, making it even more low cost. Perfect items for this are pens, buttons and badges.

Club button badges

2. Coffee mornings 

These are held up and down the country all year round, and are not only a great way to get your charity name out there and raise money, but a great way to bring the community together and add value to your local charity brand. Selling coffee and cake, and collecting donations, is an easy way to fundraise. You could also host a raffle, or sell promotional mugs with your charity name and logo printed on them.

3. Wristbands 

Selling colourful and eye catching wristbands is a fun and easy way to raise money, whilst also increasing your brand awareness. As people wear your logo and named wristbands, others will see your brand and be made aware, further helping your fundraising efforts. These small, lightweight bands appeal to all age groups, making them the perfect product to help you raise money no matter what your charity.

charity fundraising pile of wristbands

If you need help with your fundraising effort, contact us today to see how our merchandise can help you raise money and awareness for your cause.