Why You Should Use Badges To Reward Your Pupils

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How do you reward your pupils?

One of the biggest challenges that face teachers, heads and education professionals is producing ways of rewarding pupils and when to offer these rewards.

Finding the right balance between rewarding too often and not rewarding at all can be a difficult task.

One way of acknowledging greatness in a classroom environment is to reward pupils with badges.

A similar alternative is stickers, but the disposable nature of these rewards means they don’t leave as lasting of an impression as badges.

These badges give the child a heightened sense of achievement as this is something they can keep for a long time and is aesthetically more pleasing to the eye than stickers that get creased and crumpled.

When should you give out these badges?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Achieving 100% attendance throughout the school year
  • Producing an exemplary piece of creative work
  • Awarded to mentors or prefects who show consistent leadership qualities
  • Consistently showing teamwork qualities in PE and other classroom-based environments

Instead of giving out these types of reward on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it gives them more value if they are awarded on an end of term or end of year basis.

Having a ceremony or assembly that brings together the school, and maybe even parents and governors, to give out these rewards will increase the level of pride for the child and give the badge more sentimental value in the future.

We have seen a huge increase in schools contacting us recently for award badges and have a system in place where we can offer the pin badges in a gold, silver, bronze & platinum finish. With our ability to manufacture any shape or size we encourage schools to break away from the traditional rectangle or shield shape badges and be creative by incorporating their school logo onto the pin badge.

If you are interested in using badges as a reward for your pupils, then check out or range of badges here –https://i4cpublicity.co.uk/product/award-badges/ they come in any shape, size or design that you desire!