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Iconic Logos Redesigned In Support Of Black Lives Matter


In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, many companies and businesses have shown their support for the Black Lives Matter movement via social media by sharing messages of solidarity, links to charitable organisations and calling for an end to systemic racism. There have been statements of support and pledges of donations from a wide range of companies, including many of the iconic businesses listed below. 

Support for the Black Lives Matter movement can come in many forms, which is why we have redesigned the following 11 logos from iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Spotify to match the style of the Black Lives Matter logo. 

Black Lives Matter

#BlackLivesMatter was founded in 2013 after Trayvon Martin’s murder was acquitted. Today, Black Lives Matter is a global organisation that is dedicated to the eradication of white supremacy across the world. The movement is committed to creating a world free from racism, where every Black person has the social, economic and political power to thrive. 

The Black Lives Matter movement demonstrates and protests against police brutality and the deaths of Black individuals at the hands of the police. The movement has received further attention with ongoing protests against police brutality and the death of George Floyd. Support for the Black Lives Matter movement has increased rapidly over the last year and is estimated by the New York Times to be one of the largest movements in US history. 

1. Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the companies that has come out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. In an announcement called “Where We Stand on Social Justice” James Quincy, the Chairman and CEO, spoke of his outrage and frustration with the racism in America. He also discussed how companies like his must speak up as allies to the movement and stand with those seeking justice and equality. 

In the same message, Quincy is quick to mention how The Coca-Cola Company hasn’t made enough progress yet and must do better. Quincy also admits that the company isn’t perfect and while it has done things to be proud of, it has also made mistakes. Quincy ends the message by pledging to do their part as a company to listen, learn and act. These types of messages in support are common, especially across social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Instagram

Blackout Tuesday, on June 2nd 2020, was a day promoted by activists in an attempt to use social media to bring about policy change following the death of George Floyd. The movement spread across social media where individuals, brands and organisations posted a simple black picture with a solemn message with the #BlacklivesMatter. 

However, despite being well intended, these posts had a negative side. Many of the hashtags used served as critical information channels for important updates and with so many accounts posting a blank black image these hashtags became clogged up at a time when visibility and information was critical. Many leading Black Lives Matter activists requested that the hashtags weren’t used with the black images, but the damage was already done. 


Some brands have come under criticism for not doing enough to support the movement. Many businesses have been increasingly embracing what is known as Brand Activism to influence consumer behaviour. By taking a stand on social, environmental or political issues, brands can differentiate themselves from the competition and connect with similarly minded consumers. In many cases, brands are quick to adopt the movement’s hashtag but lack the same enthusiasm when it comes to actual change. 

IKEA, in a company announcement, shared their support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the company’s commitment to supporting racial equity and inclusion in its own workplace. In addition, IKEA Retail US committed $3 million in support of organisations that were working towards social justice and economic empowerment for Black communities. Brand Activism is only effective when brands put their money and efforts where their mouths are. Brands, like IKEA, who not only donate to causes but also commit to internal improvement measures are more likely to benefit from Brand Activism. 


While making donations and pledging to evaluate your internal procedures is an admirable decision, many activists argue that there is more to work on in our society. LEGO, for example, has declared that it wants to work towards building a better future for everyone and announced it would be donating $4 million to organisations that are “dedicated to supporting Black children and educating all children about racial equality.” 

In addition to the donation aimed at creating a more racial equal future, LEGO has also confirmed that it will cease marketing for any of its toy sets that are related to the police. This move includes over 30 different LEGO building sets that involve police officers, firefighters, criminals and emergency vehicles. This move comes during the widespread protests against police brutality that are happening across the world. 

5. Mastercard

While one of the driving forces behind the current protests across the world is police brutality, racial inequality is also one of the main discussion points. The Colour of Money is a Runnymede report that was released in April of 2020 which found there to be “shocking” levels of economic and racial inequality in Britain. One of the examples given in the report is how Black African households have 10 times less wealth than White British households. The report goes on to discuss some measures that would tackle long-standing inequalities and design a more fair economy. 

As LEGO logically targeted children as its target audience, Mastercard has taken a financial focused approach in its support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Mastercard has worked with the National Urban League for over a decade and in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, has made a new donation of $5 million to support the organisation’s goal to support economic self-reliance and civil rights in African American Communities. Mastercard has also said it is looking within its own walls at its hiring and talent development practices to ensure they are creating the right opportunities at all levels for all of their team members. 

6. McDonald’s 

The outpouring of messages of support for the Black Lives Matter movement from big brands has been followed by renewed scrutiny by activists and the media into the practices of those companies. Looking at where these brands are donating money and how they treat their own employees has, in some cases, shown that the internal behaviour of some brands doesn’t match up with their message of support. 

McDonald’s and other fast-food chains didn’t receive the warmest reception to their message of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Even McDonald’s promise of donations to both the National Urban League and the NAACP were met with criticism with the ACLU asking “Do Black lives matter when they work in your restaurants?”.  Fast food brands run on cheap food and cheaper labour and have a history of fighting unionization efforts that would support Black workers in their restaurants. No matter how often brands like McDonald’s tweet “Black Lives Matter” the internal workings of the brand will always betray the message. 

7. Starbucks

Starbucks is a brand that is usually associated with a progressive image. However, Starbucks received intense backlash after it was reported that the company had banned its employees from wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts, pin badges and other accessories in support of the movement. This move was intended to prevent any incidents in its locations but was seen as hypocritical following the brand’s show of support to the cause on social media. Starbucks quickly reversed the decision following the outcry from staff and customers online, which led to #BoycottStarbucks going viral. 

While the quick change in direction was clearly the right decision, the fact that this was an issue at all shows a lack of preparedness on a topic the company and those responsible for the marketing decision to support the Black Lives Matter movement should have been ready for. Causes like Black Lives Matter are quickly becoming a testing point for many consumers who are giving leading brands a chance to get it right before their trust is gone and their money with it. 

8. Spotify

Another important message of the Black Lives Matter movement was ensuring that the voices and messages of Black people were being heard. In an announcement on June 1st, Spotify confirmed its support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight against racism and injustice. Spotify announced how it plans to use the power of its platform to stand with Black creators and amplify their voices to bring about long-needed change. This includes blacked-out playlists and podcasts in support of Black Out Tuesday, amplification of Spotify’s Black History Is Now hub resource, special curation of playlists and targeted advertising. In addition, Spotify has pledged to contribute up to $10 million to organisations that are fighting against racism and inequality around the world. 

In a move in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests, Spotify has also stopped using the term “urban”. The music-industry label has long been used to designate many black artists, from R&B to hip-hop. The Grammy Awards have also ceased using the term in its awards and language. These changes are part of a larger effort to advance the music industry in an effort to listen and learn to Black voices and adapt to be more inclusive. The term “urban” has been seen as problematic for a long time with many creators and people in the genre not liking the description and felt it pigeonholed certain styles of music. 

9. Virgin

In another move to help amplify Black voices in the UK Virgin Radio UK announced a special edition of its 500 Words writing competition for children. This edition was focused on themes related to the Black Lives Matter movement and was announced in June. 500 Words is the world’s largest story-writing competition for kids and over one million stories have been submitted since its start in 2011. The competition has covered everything from new technology to climate change and is now focusing on themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The competition allows children between the ages of five and thirteen to write a 500-word story that can come from their own experiences and feelings. The competition had over 6,000 entries from children all over the UK which were reduced to eight finalists before winners for the two age groups were selected. The winning stories were read out live on Virgin Radio UK and all of the finalist stories are available to listen to via Amazon Alexa. In addition, all eight finalists will have their stories published in a book set to be published in September. All the royalties from the book will be matched by the publisher and donated to children’s literacy and children’s BAME charities. The 500 Words competition is another great way to fundraise for these vital causes while also encouraging children and families to have positive conversations about important world issues, such as the Black Lives Matter movement. 

10. Facebook

Many people believe that social media platforms need to be doing more to protect and support Black users by ensuring their platform is free from racism and hate. Facebook suffered a huge advertiser boycott in July after The Stop Hate for Profit campaign, which was set up after the death of George Floyd, asked companies around the world to not advertise on Facebook’s services for a month in a show of solidarity. The campaign included the NAACP, Anti-Defamation League and the Color of Change. The aim of the campaign was to show Facebook that profit is never worth promoting hate, racism and violence. 

Brands that took part in the boycott included Ben & Jerry’s, The North Face and Patagonia in response to Facebook taking a lenient approach to controversial posts on its platform. The Stop Hate for Profit campaign also criticised the social media platform for its partnerships with far-right sources, such as Breitbart News and The Daily Caller which both have records of working with white nationalists. Employees at Facebook have staged walkouts over the company’s relationship with far-right individuals, but so far far-right content remains on the social media platform. 

11. Twitter

On the other hand, the social media platform Twitter is working to give some of its Black Lives Matter messages a larger platform around the world by sharing them on billboards and massive outdoor displays. Real tweets from Black users have been used for these displays in US cities where major Black Lives Matter protests are occurring. The #BlackLivesMatter hashtag first appeared on Twitter in 2013 but in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, the hashtag has been used in more than 350 million tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Twitter is doing more to increase conversations about the movement and on Juneteenth, the platform featured a voice tweet from one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Opal Tometi, about “Black Joy”. Twitter amplified Black Joy in a video from its Black employee resource, Blackbirds, and encouraged users to post more #BlackJoy messages. 

Show Your Support

If you want to show solidarity and support the Black Lives Matter movement then sign one of the many petitions that support the cause. Petitions are one of the most accessible methods of activism you can take part in. Black Lives Matter has a page dedicated to petitions that you can sign and show your support. 

While there is rarely a legal requirement for any official body to respond to a petition, they can be a great way to put pressure on people in authority to make changes. For example, one of the biggest petitions of 2020 was “Justice for George Floyd” which had over 19 million signatures and aimed to have the officers involved in his death charged. Thanks to this petition and other calls for justice the officers involved were fired and charged, showing that petitions can be effective. 

There is also a wide range of organisations you can make donations to, such as Black Lives Matter, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and The Bail Project, which raises money to post bail for those who can’t afford it in an effort to fight against mass incarceration in the US. In addition, if you would like to learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement then visit their “What Matters” web series. What Matters is a range of interviews that uses a documentary narrative to educate on specific issues and help individuals learn and connect with the cause. 

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Most Popular School Ties and Tie Designs

As the School term starts again, students are dressed in a fresh, smart uniform to represent their school. And a statement within the uniform is of course the School tie, made up of the correct colours and crests or logo. 

What’s more, schools are often choosing to have a variety of ties available to students, to represent which house they are in, with coloured stripes and logos. These stripes can be made up of thin stripes, broad stripes or double stripes, dependant on the Schools preference. 

Schools can also get ties to represent various groups – such as choirs, school bands and sports teams. 

Adding the School logo or crest onto the ties, in an embroidered format, adds sophistication and quality to the uniform. 

School Badges

However, if this means there are too many different ties, Schools can go for specific badges. This is a great addition to the uniform, as badges are small enough to not take the eye away from the professionalism of the uniform, but enough to show variety within the school. 

Here at i4c Publicity, we offer a bespoke design service, supplying school ties to your specifications. We are passionate about offering superior quality for your school uniforms. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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Our Top 10 Fundraising Merchandise Items For Charities

Group of metal charity badges

Whether you’re helping raise money for a cause close to your heart, national charity or school, promotional merchandise can help spread the word and create awareness in the market. We have a fantastic range of fundraising merchandise which we sell in bulk that is personalised to your specific needs. What’s more, the more you buy the greater the saving so you get to put more toward your charity. Here are our top 10 items…

1. Pin Badges

Pin badges are the most cost effective way to generate awareness of your cause and more importantly are very easy to sell and generate income from. They are our top selling badge product and are synonymous with charity promotion. View our range of Charity Pin Badges.

2. Trolley Coin Keychain / Key Chains

Key Chains & Trolley coins provide a truly unique proposition because they are something that is physically used and provide genuine convenience. The end product is also usually colourful and cost effective to produce. View our range of Key Chains.

3. Pens / Pencils

For something with a low unit cost that is easily distributed, nothing beats pens and pencils! The beauty of this items is that it will be carried around and used everywhere, giving it exposure on a mass level. View our range of Pens & Pencils.

4. Wristbands

Bright, durable and available in a range of colours – Wristbands ensure exposure of your charity as they are so visible. They’re also a very cost effective way of getting your charity logo on to an item that people will wear with pride. View our range of Wristbands.

5. Mugs

Everyone needs a cuppa! So why not tie one of the nation’s favourite pastimes with you charity? We have a vast range of different types of mugs from thermal mugs to full colour versions. View our range of Mugs.

6. Bags For Life

Gone are the good old days where supermarkets handed out free carrier bags! With the law change people are more interested in looking for Bags For Life. This represents a great opportunity to generate brand awareness and do your bit for the environment. View our range of Bags For Life.

7. Sports Bottles

As people are becoming much more health conscious there is a new trend to drink more water and also to reduce carbon footprint – What better way to promote your charity than right in the hand of these health conscious people! View our range of Sports Bottles.

8. Reusable Mugs

Just as Sports Bottles are perfect for the health conscious, Reusable mugs are perfect to target both coffee and tea lovers! They provide a highly durable and personal solution to promoting your charity. View our range of Reusable Mugs.

9. Umbrellas

It could be said that Umbrellas are an essential item when you relate it back to UK Weather!
Highly useful promotional product and guaranteed to get exposure. You can have your logo added and even company colours. View our range of Umbrellas.

10. Stickers or Gimmicks

These types of items allow you to get mass exposure at a very low cost. View our full range.



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What’s the difference between Printed and Enamel Badges?

Printed vs Soft Enamel



One of the most common questions we get asked is “what’s the difference between Printed and Enamel Badges?”. The end products are different so it’s important to know the difference before you go ahead and order your next batch of badges. So here is the low-down on this topic – We’re going to settle this once and for all…

Printed vs. Enamel

To put it simply, a Printed Badge is made up of a high quality print version of a logo which is directly printed onto aluminium or metal and then protected by a clear epoxy coating. This method of badge production is most commonly used when the logo design or slogan is too detailed to stamp and fill, or has a colour gradient. These badges do not contain any coloured Enamel fill and are better suited in situations where an exact detailed replica of the logo is required or when a faster turnaround is needed (as quick as 7 days with us). They can be made to any shape size or design and come as standard with a clutch pin fitting.

Enamel Badges come in a range of finishes, but the key difference is they contain Enamel in the badge. Your design is stamped onto metal, this creates keylines of the design and this is then filled with coloured enamel. Enamel is a natural material that has been used in badge making for hundreds of years due to it’s versatility and durability. These badges really can stand the test of time! Colours can be Pantone matched in ‘soft’ variants, but in ‘hard’ variants colours are far more limited and generally a little duller. Enamel Badges also have a longer lead time (3-4 weeks).

Enamel Badges are available in the following high quality finishes:

  • Soft Enamel
  • Hard Enamel
  • Vitreous Enamel


Whether you’re purchasing for schools, clubs, staff to wear everyday, corporate gifts or charitable giveaways, both Printed & Enamel Badges will represent your business professionally.

If you need a batch of badges fast, then here at i4c Publicity we can provide an Express 7 Day Service on high quality Printed Badges to meet your demand. If you have a bit more time and require a superior finish, then you’ll find Enamel Badges are exactly what you need.


About i4c Publicity Ltd:

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A Guide To Finding The Perfect Corporate Gift



Gifts and hospitality always have and always will play a key part in the Corporate environment. Some of the key drivers behind companies taking part in gifting are a simple expression of appreciation and relationship development. It’s crucial to get corporate gifts right, miss the mark and all your efforts will have been in vain. Get it right and you’ll soon find yourself near the top of your suppliers list.

BPMA corporate gift giving survey

A survey published by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (The BPMA – www.bpma.co.uk) found that over 60% of companies plan to give out gifts during the holiday season and nearly 70% of those gifts that will be distributed during the festive period will brandish the company logo.

Furthermore, the key attributes when purchasing corporate gift items were ‘attractiveness of the gift’, the ‘durability of the product’ and the ‘utility of the product’. Put simply, companies who buy corporate gifts want it to make an visual impact, be well made and be usable. There’s nothing worse than spending endless amounts of money on gifts that don’t look attractive, break easily or are not practical. These gifts would quickly find themselves at the bottom of some box or even worse, in the bin!

Corporate gift ideas

In our 16 years of manufacturing and supplying corporate gifts, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of a product that closely matches the attributes gifters desire the most. Customised Logo Cufflinks are ideal corporate gifts to showcase your business and its professionalism. Cufflinks are a very personal way of showing your individuality and when combined with pin badges and tie slides they can make a great impact. You can add a further personal touch by displaying them in optional presentation boxes to give it an extra special touch.

i4c Publicity specialises in providing a wide range of corporate cufflinks of exceptionally high quality. Our Cufflinks are available in a variety of high-quality fittings and finishes at very competitive prices. We manufacture virtually any shape, size, colour and texture incorporating your name, logo, design or message to meet your individual specification.

Survey data source – https://www.slideshare.net/thebpma/corporate-gift-giving-study-results

View our range of logo cufflinks


About i4c Publicity Ltd:

Are you looking for custom made cufflinks? We can help.

i4c Publicity Ltd are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of corporate logo cufflinks

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Do Award Badges For Schools Really Work?

School Award Pin Badges 1

From our 17 years’ experience in this sector, school award badges absolutely work. We’ve worked directly
with schools, colleges and academies and have found that there is an increasing demand for award
badges. Whether it be awarding students for musical achievements, sporting success, 100% attainment
record or whether it’s presenting award badges at the end of year for outstanding performance, pin badges
have always served a positive purpose to motivate and reward children.

The benefits of awarding children

Studies have shown that the impact of positive reinforcement from an early age can have a positive impact
on the personalities of children and can shape them as they grow into adults. Physically rewarding school
children with badges can act as a tool to motivate not only the rewarded child, but also their fellow
classmates who may be also inspired to perform better.

Custom school award badges

Bespoke badges provide your school with a personalised identity that children can really associate with
and show off to friends and family alike. Generic badges can work but wouldn’t have the same impact as
customised logo badges. When you order with us, you get free design at no extra charge so you can be
sure to get the very best in high quality personalised school award badges.

Some of the benefits of ordering with i4c Publicity:

– Free Design Service
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– Price Match Guarantee
– Dedicated Account Manager

Let us design your next award system.

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About i4c Publicity Ltd:

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What Tie Patterns actually mean

We often get enquiries about the different types of ties we can design and manufacture. With lots of styles, colours, patterns and choices available, it’s not easy to pick the best necktie, so we have put together this basic guide to tie patterns and styles.

Solid Colour Ties

Solid colour ties, custom school ties, personalised school ties, bespoke school ties, school house ties

Custom Solid Colour Ties for Schools

The solid colour necktie is one of the most versatile. Anyone can wear it without having to worry about patterns clashing or matching. Everyone’s tie collection will definitely have a solid colour tie with the colour used to make a bold or soft statement.

Schools use these ties to effectively distinguish their different houses, with the most popular colours being red, green, blue and red.

It is also easy to personalise solid colour ties as the logo stands out prominently and by going for a silk tie on a solid colour with logo you can make a real bold brand statement.

Buy custom made solid ties online here.


Striped Ties

custom school ties, personalised school ties, bespoke school ties, striped ties

Custom Striped Ties

Stripes were originally used on sporting club neckties. There is a striped tie out there for every man’s taste!

Colour hues range from subtle colours to bold and bright colours.

The first known use of striped ties was at the college rowers of Exeter College in Oxford. They took their boaters and tied them around their necks as a way to identify with their college.

This advanced to an accessory which evolved into a true striped necktie made with the college’s colours.

From then on striped neckties have been used as a means of identification for Rugby, Football, Cricket, Golf and all types of sporting clubs which are made up of the clubs colours and crest.

Buy custom striped ties online here.

 Checked Ties

custom regimental ties, personalised regimental ties, tartan ties, checked ties

Custom Checked Ties

A Checked Tie is another tie pattern suitable for the formal workplace.

Made of small lines crisscrossing each other throughout the length of the tie, checked tie can have mesmerising visual appeal.

This tie pattern is also a great choice for work or play. Men not only choose to wear the checked necktie to work but also outside of work. The strong lines of the tie can stand out and really enhance any formal suit.

Men not only choose to wear the checked necktie to work but also outside of work. The strong lines of the tie can stand out and really enhance any formal suit.

Buy custom checked ties here.

Geometric Ties

promotional ties, custom ties, personalised ties, geometric ties

Custom Geometric Ties

Made of basic shapes like triangles and squares on the background of the tie, these ties look corporate,  crisp and clean.

It is amazing what can be achieved with basic shapes, repeated, to create stunning tie designs.

These ties are usually made from two colours and or two tones. But with customisation, any number of colours, tones and textures can be created to give the desired effect.

But with customisation, any number of colours, tones and textures can be created to give the desired effect.

Design your own geometric ties here.

Polka Dot Ties

promotional ties, custom ties, personalised ties, polka dots tie

Personalised Polka Dots Tie


The polka dot ties are the trend of the season and more of the younger men are wearing polka dots combined with skinny ties.

It can be worn both at work and play. With careful choice of colours, they look very professional in a business attire.

You can customise and play with the size of the dots to give the desired effect.

They also come in various materials such as 100% silk and polyester.

Buy custom polka dots ties here.

Paisley Ties

Originated from Persia, paisley tie pattern was recognised as a sign of fertility. In the 60’s it evolved into a design loved by hippies focused on free love and peace. Therefore it is mostly worn in a celebratory environment such as a wedding or engagement.

Buy custom printed paisley ties here.

Source: tie-necktie-video.com

Find out more about Club Ties…


About i4c Publicity Ltd:

Are you looking for custom made promotional ties? We can help.

We, i4c Publicity Ltd are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke ties for Schools, Universities, Corporate organisations, Regiments, Associations and Clubs.

We can manufacture 100% silk ties and polyester ties.

You can also customise to clip on ties and bow ties.

custom tie template designs

Tie Design s from i4c Publicity Ltd

Also available in our wide range of promotional merchandise is custom tie clips, pocket squares, badges, cufflinks, ladies scarves and an amazing selection of stylish Presentation Boxes with tie sets, which transform your product into the perfect gift.

Take a look at our promotional product range here

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Show’s Over for Skinny Ties! Ramp is all set for the return of the Wide Neckties

bespoke Skinny and Wide Ties, custom neckties, club ties, school ties, black ties

After being a trend for a decade, skinny ties are now sadly going out of fashion and the old school wide ties are now totally in style! The famous J. Crew announced in its recent catalogue that it was widening its ties by a quarter-inch. But we wouldn’t call it old-fashioned as the mainstream neckties are 3 to 3¼ inches.

Story behind Skinny Neckties

In 2000, designer Hedi Slimane started the skinny trend at the Yves Saint Laurent men’s collection which included its ultra-slim suits and ties. When the influence of these suits eventually made it to the world, ties were narrowed to match increasingly smaller lapel pin badges. Neckties were narrowed down to as skinny as 1-inch wide at hip stores like Topman. The popularity of “Mad Men” helped keep skinny ties en vogue.

In 1995, The trend arose sales of $1.8 billion and by 2009, according to market-research firm NPD Group it grew up to $418 million! The trend was so popular that it helped a few startups like SkinnyFatties.

Style Notes

Ethan Song, CEO and co-founder of Frank & Oak, said “We’ve definitely seen the change in what the consumer’s buying. We’re seeing them go wider now, but not as wide as they once were in the ’90s.”

Song explained that it isn’t necessarily a trend reversal.

“I don’t think we’re going back to the wide Italian ties. The designers who influence the way men are buying and shopping, like Givenchy and Gucci, you see patterns and classical elements take shape, but they’re not traditional – they have more street elements.”

According to Tom Ford – creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, accentuating the natural V of man’s body makes men look more masculine, less boyish, and in general, more powerful.

So our tip of the blog is that you don’t have to recycle your old ties but it’s definitely the perfect excuse to go shopping for the new ties!

Source: CBS News, Bloomberg.com

custom ties presentation boxes, personalised presentation boxes

Personalised Presentation Boxes

Are you looking for custom made promotional ties, tie clips, pocket squares or Badges? We can help.

We, i4c Publicity Ltd are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke ties for Schools, Universities, corporates, regiments, associations and clubs.

We can manufacture 100% silk ties and polyester ties.

You can also customise our clip on ties and bow ties.

Also available in our wide range of promotional merchandise is custom tie clips, pocket squares, badges, cufflinks, ladies scarves and an amazing selection of stylish Presentation Boxes with tie sets, which transform your product into the perfect gift.

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Manufacturing Journey of Promotional Wristbands

custom Wristbands, personalised Wristbands, multicoloured Wristbands

How are the Promotional Wristbands made?

Silicone wristbands are an extremely popular promotional item and a great marketing tool for charities and fundraising. It’s mainly due to its simplicity, cost effectiveness, options to personalise and they are stylish!

This blog is a curtain raiser to share the humble manufacturing story of our favourite silicone wristbands.

Manufacturing Process of Charity Wristbands:

A silicone wristband has high levels of elasticity. This aids in ‘one size fits most’ sizing. Most wristbands are manufactured with a circumference between 7 and 8.5 inches, and their width is customisable.

Silicone rubber is extruded into tubes or strips of varying thickness. It is then compression moulded to set into the familiar round cross-section of a bracelet.

Options to Personalise:

  • Debossing – An imprint mould is used to recess debossed text into the silicone. This gives the silicone an engraved effect.
  • Filling – This is the most popular options for customisation. The text is engraved and filled with a contrasting colour ink.
  • Embossing – A great low-cost choice of customisation. The promotional content is screen printed on to the band, giving a sharp detail even for most complex logo designs.
  • Printing – The promotional content is raised, allowing letters to be left plain or screen printed with a contrasting colour.
  • Segmentation – These wristbands are made up of three colours, creating a segmented appearance. Bands can be customised with debossing, embossing or printing. Perfect for themes with several colours.
  • Glowing Effect – Made up of translucent silicone, these wristbands can be customised by debossing, embossing or printing. Amazing for events organised at evenings and afterwards.
  • Swirl Effect – These wristbands are made up of two colours that are blended together in order to create a swirl effect within the silicone. Can be customised with embossing, debossing or printing.
  • Un-printing – These wristbands are manufactured using a blank mould, and although there is no message or logo – customising options include a range of Pantone colour choices at no extra cost!

Remember to check out our Custom Silicone wristbands page for various options and pricing.

We, i4c Publicity Ltd are a leading manufacturer of custom merchandise such as personalised charity wristbands, ties, tie clips, badges, keychains, medals, cufflinks, fridge magnets, trolley tokens etc. Call us now on 024 7666 7440 or email us for a no-obligation FREE quote.

Source: Silicone Wristbands Direct

Want to be invisible in paparazzi photos? Try this paparazzi proof scarf!

invisible scarf, anti paparazzi scarf

Are you a celebrity, camera shy person or someone who doesn’t like their picture being taken by strangers in public? Here is the perfect solution for you. Presenting (drum rolls please)… a new ‘paparazzi-proof’ scarf!

Say no to unexpected pictures and videos on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat!

It’s called the ISHU scarf and is designed by the Dutch-born fashion entrepreneur Saif Siddiqui who aims at giving people their right to privacy back.

Inspiration behind the paparazzi proof Scarf

In 2009 Siddiqui attempted to take a photo of him using an iPhone in front of some bikes. He observed that the bike’s reflector manipulated the flash of his mobile camera in a way that obscured the faces in the picture.

He immediately realised that if developed into the right product, this feature would be an ideal solution to people who want to keep their private moments in public private.

How does it work?

The scarf reflects the light back into a camera, effectively becoming an ‘invisibility cloak’. Perfect for anyone who does not want their photo taken.
If you are wearing this scarf, you are sure to be protected from mobile flash photography. The fashionable fabric effectively blocks any unwanted pictures. Pss… However, it does not stop no-flash photographs from being taken.

A host of celebrities including Cameron Diaz, singer Joe Jonas, Bayern Munich footballer Jerome Boateng and music producer Major Lazer have worn the ISHU after it was spotted at London Fashion Week last year.

Paparazzi proof scarf

Source: ISHU website, The Telegraph

Looking for personalised promotional scarves? We at i4c Publicity Ltd have more than 15 years of expertise in manufacturing custom made bespoke scarves for corporate organisation and sporting clubs.

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Promotional Merchandise Ideas for Bank Holiday Weekend

promotional merchandise for bank holiday weekend, custom printed produts

Rain or shine, the bank holiday is on it’s way. Here are few tips to make the best out of the bank holidays and use promotional merchandise to market and increase your brand awareness.

A seriously long Bank Holiday

If you plan your holidays and annual leave well, you could have a long holiday of 18 days! yes, you heard it. 18 days of long holidays!
To take the maximum advantage, book holidays from April 18th – 28th. The rest of the holidays will automatically tag on.

Good Friday falls on April 14th and Easter Monday on April 17th. May Bank Holiday falls on May 1st. If your last working day is April 13th, you can return on May 2nd. The 18 days will consist of 3 bank holidays, 6 weekend days and 9 working days.

Promotional Merchandise for the Holidays

We have brought together a hand-picked selection of bespoke promotional merchandise ideas to help you make the most of the long weekend.
We at i4cpublicity aim to manufacture and supply high-quality promotional merchandise for various Schools, Universities, corporate organisations, clubs, charities etc at affordable prices.

Personalised Bags

A good bag not only catches the attention but is also functional. There are various attractive options to personalise a bag. Premium natural cotton bags, lunch bags, jute shopping bags, woven and non-woven tote bags, canvas bags, polyester bags, drawstring bags, paper bags etc, to name a few.

View our range of Custom Bags here

Personalised Tote Bags, custom plastic bags, promotional bags, mercchandisee

Range of Custom Tote Bags

Custom Water bottles

A bottle is a simple merchandise with great value. From a runner, gym enthusiastic, traveller to a lazy garden lounger everyone loves a water bottle. Along with sports water bottles, we also manufacture collapsible bottles and take away mugs.

View of Custom Water Bottles here

Promotional Water Bottles, printed bottles, personalised merchandise

Promotional Water Bottles in Various Colours and Options

Up for an adventure?

We have the active people covered too! From aluminium torch and camping lights to tool kit, swizz knife and measuring tape, we can customise merchandise to meet your requirement.
View of Custom Tools and Adventure gear

Personalised Umbrellas

It wouldn’t be a traditional Bank Holiday if there wasn’t a chance of rain! Those who know the British weather know that it’s always ‘sunny with a chance of rain’. Our range of umbrellas are weather resistant and durable. They are not only cost effective but also a perfect merchandise that is also useful for any home. The logos on the umbrellas stand out very well serving as an effective brand promotion.
View our Range of Custom Umbrellas

Promotional Scarves

Scarves are all an all season hit. They not only serve merchandise but also as a fashion accessory loved by everyone. We manufacture 100% silk scarves to associations and corporate organistions.

View our Custom Scarf Designs

custom silk scarves, personalised silk scarves, ladies scarves

Promotional Silk  Scarves

We are also a leading manufacturers of custom badges, key chains, medals, coins, car grill badges, ties, tie clips, cufflinks, metal products, pennants, shields and plaques, fridge magnets, wristbands and other custom merchandise.

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Why Reward Employees with Medals, Coins, Award Badges & Incentives?

Three Award badges in silver, gold and nickel

Motivated employees, members and even students can be a major factor in the success and performance of any organisation, therefore it is important that managers, coaches and teachers understand the power of reward systems and how they can be used to influence and enhance individual behaviour. A strategic reward system is important for motivation, recognition and appreciation, it gives that extra touch to the management-employee / student relationship and helps gain trust and longevity towards the organisation.

Below are a few ways in which you can show your appreciation:

Custom Medals and Coins

Bespoke presentation medals and coins make individuals feel like winners! It gives them something physical to remember their hard work and achievements and also is a lovely momentum to show off to their co-workers, friends and family of course.

Award Badges

Achievement and Award Badges are a wonderful way to celebrate success and long service or contributions from individuals. Award Badges can come in various sizes and finishes customised with your logo. The customisation helps to distinguish between different levels of achievement and helps individuals aim for the next level.


Exciting incentives such as gift vouchers, movie tickets, shopping vouchers etc will not only lift spirits,  but also motivate individuals to work harder.  Extra holidays for employees in particular with long service years motivates them to continue working harder and provide continued loyalty to the company.  Offering flexible working hours to employees gives them more work-life balance, greater job satisfaction and improves their performance.

If you are looking for ideas to reward employees, members or students, look no further, we can help create bespoke badges and medals for you.

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About i4c Publicity Ltd
We are one of the leading manufacturing personalised award badges and award medals since 2000. We have been supplying a range of clients in the education, charity, corporate, private and public sectors.

Our Award badges come in various finishes such as Gold / Gilt, Silver / Nickel, Bronze / Antique Copper, Black Nickel, Antique Silver and Custom Finish

We can also offer various fittings for award badges such as Brooch Fitting, Clutch pin fitting, Stick pin fitting, Magnetic badges, Adhesive backing, key chain fitting, tie slides, cufflinks / T-Bar fitting etc.

Our most popular custom Medals are the bronze, silver and gold range customised with your logo or the long service Award Medals.

Read our blog: Using Award Badges in Education – Tips for Teachers

Using Fridge Magnets to promote your business – They always work!

Fridge Magnets are one of the cheap and effective methods to capture and retain customers. If you haven’t already thought about investing in promotional fridge magnets, this is the time! Below are some of the facts that will make you rethink about your marketing strategy using cost effective and quirky Fridge Magnets.

How to use custom, personalised Fridge magnets for your business

Promotional Fridge Magnets

Easy and effective targeting

With other methods of marketing such as leaflets or mailing list there is always a chance that it does not reach the right audience or no one really even looks at it.  But when Fridge Magnets are handed out, it’s almost certain that it would be used, even if it’s to prop up that take -away menu or the recent holiday picture.

Amazing value

Fridge Magnets can leave a lasting memory on the mind. Studies suggest that the average person opens their fridge 15-20 times a day! That’s a lot of exposure when measured over a few months to years! Repeat exposure leaves a sense of familiarity, trust and brand consciousness. The next time the customer is looking for products or services you provide, you’ll be the first company that comes to his mind.

Magnets are useful

Almost everyone uses Fridge Magnets as they can be used to attach notes, documents, pictures and serves as a showcase of everyday life.

Modern day business cards

Magnets serve as a handy business card, all of your contact details can be on the Fridge Magnet for the customer to contact you.

Easy to customise and cost effective to manufacture

With numerous shapes, sizes, colours and materials available, it is not only easy to customise Fridge Magnets but also to stand out from competitors with quirky and colourful designs. They are inexpensive to manufacture and fit into every budget.

Easy to distribute

You can give away your promotional Fridge Magnets to customers at events, pack into orders or hand out when you to meet them. They are so easy to distribute, target right people and make a lasting impression!

It’s time-tested!

Personalised Fridge Magnets are the easiest way to get what customer wants from promotional merchandising in a very short span of time. By creating a repetition, it serves as an effective time-tested reference.

So what are you waiting for?!

Order your bespoke fridge magnets now!

About i4c Publicity Ltd:
We are one of the leading providers of high-quality promotional items such as fridge magnets, ties, badges, key chains , wristbands and more!

If you are looking for bespoke personalised Fridge Magnets to promote your business, look no further!

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Source: Ps Print & 1Print

The Power of Gifting!

gifting, promotional merchandise, custom, personalised

Have a read of our infographic to show the power of gifting.

Our Brain Loves Shopping!

  • Research has proven that shopping and gifting produces our body’s natural feel-good chemical called endorphins
  • Researchers at the UK’s Brunel University suggest that shopping is associated with increased activity in the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that has been linked to pleasure and positive thinking
  • Anything new boosts serotonin, which neurotransmitter chemical responsible for happiness
  • The brainstream is an ancient part of our brain hard-wired to mistrust strangers, gifting can override this part and disarm the evolutionary impulse to guard resources at the sight of strangers

History of Gifting!

Ancient Egyptians – Ancient Egyptians gave gifts to kings to win personal favours or form new alliances.

Roman Innovation – Gifting in Roman times extended the concept beyond war and politics. Gifts were used to celebrate Saturnalia, an early form of Christmas. common gifts were evergreen branches and sweet cakes.

Birth of Birthday! (1400-1500) – Like many traditions in Europe, gifts and birthday parties began as a nice way to ward off evil spirits.

Victorian Christmas – The most cherished gifts were handmade objects, needlework or something useful.

Story of Gifting in Marketing!

Coca-cola gives the world a coke – Back in 1887, coca-cola used free samples to launch their “sparkling beverage”. Customers could redeem small pieces of paper and claim their free bottle of coke from the pharmacy counter.

How Santa got his first job in retail – In 1870, Macy’s started an american tradition, They hired their first Santa Claus, who listened to children’s wishes and then told parents where to find toys in the store!

Will you accept this free gift – In the 1930s, direct response pioneer Robert Collier sends free fountain pens to doctors. It’s a clever way to earn their trust and up sell them on his $7,95 doctor’s “handbags”. This was a new technique at the time.

How technology makes gifts profitable

A shift to gift marketing – Companies have begun to shift budgets from traditional promotions to promotional merchandise and gifts.

Big Data to rescue – With technology companies can analyse data to predict which customers spent more than the gifted amount. This allows companies to find profitable customers based on their past spending habits.

Our Promotional Product range

i4c Publicity Ltd has a wide variety of promotional merchandise custom made for you! Below are some of the products we can personalise:

Take a look at our Gallery for our designs or our Products Page for list of all our items.

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World Cancer Awareness Day – Show your support on 4th February!

Cancer Awareness Day, i4c publicity ltd

World Cancer Awareness Day, marked on February 4 aims to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. World Cancer Day was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). The primary goal of the World Cancer Day is to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer by 2020.

Some Facts:

  • Cancer is the number 2 killer in developed countries and number 1 in underdeveloped countries
  • Currently, 8.2 million people die from cancer worldwide every year! Out of which, 4 million people die at the age between 30 to 69 years
  • Scientific experts worldwide agree that at least half of all cancers and cancer-related deaths are preventable
  • Cancer is the single name assigned to more than 100 diseases. Cancer is a result of abnormal cells that multiply and spread out of control, damaging healthy cells along the way. Most cancers result in tumours but those that affect the blood do not. Cancer can occur in any part of your body.
  • More than 90% of all lung cancer cases are the result of smoking and 22% of all cancer deaths are due to lung cancer from smoking.
  • Sleep deprivation caused by getting less than six hours of sleep per day increases your risk of colon cancer.
  • Every day, more than 175,000 children being diagnosed worldwide each year. Cancer is the number 1 killer disease in children.
  • Nitrates contribute to cancer. Meat such as sausage, hot dogs, and bacon contain a preservative/flavouring agent called nitrates.
    Preparation with high heat and ingestion causes a chemical reaction with the digestive fluids in your body, converting nitrates to nitrites. Nitrates also filter into groundwater from the use of fertiliser.
  • The most common cancer-causing foods are refined sugar and flour, soda, microwave popcorn, food in cans produced with BPA, grilled or processed meat, and hydrogenated oils. Green tea, berries, turmeric, avocados, garlic, kale, and even dark chocolate are just a few that target and destroy cancer cells.

World Cancer Day is the ideal opportunity to spread the word and raise the profile of cancer in people’s minds and in the world’s media.

4th February is an opportunity for as many people as possible to come together and talk about cancer.

We are i4c Publicity Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of charity pin badges and take this opportunity to supply pin badges to various organisations.

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History and Evolution of Promotional Merchandise

History, evolution, Promotional Merchandise, custom, personalised

History and evolution of Promotional Merchandise

History and evolution of Promotional Merchandise

Commemorative Coins

The first ever promotional product was the commemorative buttons of the election victory of George Washington in 1789
Today Commemorative coins are die struck and polished giving the medals an extremely high-quality finish.

Button Badges

In 1893, Benjamin S. Whitehead patented the insertion of a sheet of a celluloid transparent film over a photograph mounted on a badge to protect the image from scratches and abrasion.

Another patent was issued to his New Jersey company, Whitehead & Hoag, in 1896 for a “Badge Pin or Button” which used a metal pin anchored to the back of the button to fasten the badge.

Button badges are very versatile and are now used in charities, schools and clubs. They are a simple and low cost way of getting your message out there. They can now be made in various sizes. They come with super safe on the reverse as well.

Key Chains

key chains have been around since the latter part of the 19th century. From its humble beginnings as metal rings or hoops, key chains and key rings have definitely not allowed themselves to be left behind by technology.

Key chains, especially trolley key chains/Trolley tokens have become very popular. Various materials ranging from PVC to metals and finishes have made it a very popular merchandise.


Necktie originated in the 17th century, during the 30 year war in France when King Louis XIII hired Croatian mercenaries wore a piece of cloth around their neck as part of their uniform. Neckties were used to tie the top of their jackets which also had quite a decorative effect.

He liked it so much that he made these ties a mandatory accessory for Royal gatherings, and gave this clothing piece the name “La Cravate” – the name for necktie in French to this day.

Ties have become a fashionable accessory today. There are varieties of materials such as silk and polyester from which ties are made. Logos and designs can be created on the ties. Ties can be a very useful promotional merchandise to Schools, Universities, Corporate, Associations and Clubs.
Tie slides and cufflinks have also gained popularity with increasing demand for ties.

Fridge Magnets

World’s first fridge magnet was invented by William Gladstone Blunt and Emmanuel Shiverofski in 1876. What started as a magnetic advert for trains was transformed into fridge magnets!

Fridge magnets are a very fancy merchandise to have. Most homes have a variety of fridge magnets. Technology has given us the provision to manufacture magnets ranging from PVC to metal finished with intricate enamel and polishing.

Our Promotional Product range

i4c Publicity Ltd has a wide variety of promotional merchandise custom made for you! We are one of the leading providers of high quality promotional merchandise such as custom badges, ties, key chains, medals, trolley coins, cufflinks, tie slides, embroidered badges, scarfs, pennants, fridge magnets, wristbands, shields, plaques, umbrellas and more!

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Take a look at our Gallery for our designs or our Products Page for list of all our products.

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Using Award Badges in Education – Tips for Teachers

custom school pin badges, personalised pin badges, school badges

School Award Badges

Every School aims at motivating students to do well and get good grades. The common goal for teachers and parents is not only getting their children to get excellent grades but also learning in order to use this knowledge in real life. Achieving this can be turned into a ‘fun mode’ by rewarding students with badges!

Badges are a very innovative way to motivate, cheer and bring the element of competitive spirit into the learning system. Children love to show off the badges they have earned through the process. Children with award badges motivate fellow children to work towards it and earn more badges.

Badges encourage students to try harder and think outside the box. Badges are an attractive reward and who wouldn’t love to be rewarded and given something to wear that shows off their achievement?

Where can I begin?

Teachers can list the targets they want the students to meet and reward them with certain badges!

  1. Specific Targets
    List specific activities you want your students to complete.Once the student is successful in this he will be rewarded with a beautiful badge!
  2. Random Targets
    You can create a few badges for doing something completely random but still in line with the class curriculum. It might be an assignment or a project work. It can be something that helps students to put additional effort to learn the subject.
  3. Exceptional targets
    Apart from the day to day tasks, some targets are hard to accomplish. When a student achieves something extraordinary, another special badge can be awarded. This is an innovative way to push students to work harder and to do things in unconventional ways.

Source: Edudemic

We at i4c Publicity Ltd are pioneers in manufacturing personalised award badges since 2000. We have been supplying a range of clients in the education, charity, corporate, private and public sectors.

Our Award badges can come in various finishes such as

  1. Gold / Gilt
  2. Silver / Nickel
  3. Bronze / Antique Copper
  4. Black Nickel
  5. Antique Silver
  6. Custom Finish

We can also offer various fittings for badges such as Brooch Fitting, Clutch pin fitting, Stick pin fitting, Magnetic badges, Adhesive backing, key chain fitting, tie slides, cufflinks / T-Bar fitting etc.

If you are a School looking for ideas to reward students, look no further! We can help create bespoke badges for you.

Get in contact with i4c Publicity Ltd on 024 7666 7440 for a FREE no-obligation quote.

Alternatively you can email us your design and requirements and we will get in touch with you.

Take a look at our Product Gallery and click here to order your custom award badges!

The New 12-Sided One Pound Coin – Your old Trolley coins will no longer work from Autumn 2017

new pound coin, trolley tokens, trolley coins, keychains

New one pound coins calls for buying new trolley coins/trolley tokens!

Mark the date! Royal Mint is producing 1.5 billions of the new UK £1 coin from March 2017. This is said to be the most secure coin in the world. The existing £1 coin will begin to be withdrawn from circulation.

Approximately one is 30 £1 coins in circulation is counterfeit. For the first time in over 30 years, these coins are being replaced to avoid counterfeiters.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • New design shows the English rose, the Welsh leek, the Scottish thistle and the Northern Irish shamrock emerging from one stem within a royal coronet – created by David Pearce, winner of public design competition at the age of 15.
  • It is 12-sided! its unique shape makes it instantly identifiable, even by touch.
  • It is made of two metals. The outer ring is gold coloured (nickel-brass) and the inner ring is silver coloured (nickel-plated alloy).
  • Latent image – it has a hologram that changes from a ‘£’ symbol to the number ‘1’ when the coin is seen from different angles.

The existing £1 coins will stop being legal tender on October 15, 2017. Is your business ready for this change?
This is the best time to order your custom trolley coins, also known as trolley tokens or trolley keychains.

Order your New Trolley Coins/Trolley Tokens/Trolley Key chains now!

Trolley tokens have been a huge success in the recent years. Unlike other promotional items trolley coins have a fantastic range of daily uses as you can use trolley key chains at supermarkets, gym lockers and for luggage trolleys at the airport. You can personalise both sides of the trolley coins, with your logo, include your telephone number and website on the back of the trolley coins. A custom trolley coin is a constant reminder of the brand and if the design is brilliant, it acts as a piece of fashion wear!

How are the Supermarkets and Vending Machines Coping?

Tesco, one of the biggest supermarket have planned a transition period of just over six months when the old circular pound trolley coins will be still accepted as legal tender.

Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Lidl and Waitrose are also embracing this change. Currently, their trolleys accept both old and new coins.

The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) estimated that there around half a million vending machines across the UK and that all vending machines will be fully upgraded by October 15.

Are you looking for personalised Trolley Coins/Trolley Tokens/Trolley keychains to promote your business? We can help you!

We work with Schools & Universities, Charities & Fundraising, Corporate, Clubs, Associations, Public Sector, Consumer Brands and Agencies to create bespoke trolley coins/trolley tokens designed for your needs and branding.

We, at i4c Publicity Ltd is one of the leading providers of high quality promotional merchandise such as custom badges, ties, key chains, medals, trolley coins, cufflinks, tie slides, embroidered badges, scarfs, pennants, fridge magnets, wristbands, shields, plaques, umbrellas and more!

Please call us on 024 7666 7440 or email us for a no obligation FREE quote.

Source: The New Pound Coin


Tottenham Hotspur and Royal British Legion have jointly launched a limited edition Poppy pin badge to mark the Remembrance day.

With a minimum of £3 donation, the pin badge will be available for fans to purchase. Funds raised from sale of the pin badges will be donated to the Royal British Legion.

Poppy badges, limited edition, pin badge, remembrance day, royal legion

Tottenham Hotspur and Royal British Legion limited edition Poppy Pin Badge.

The badge is testament to the strength of the on-going relationship between the Club and the Legion. It’s the UK’s leading Service charity, providing practical care, advice and support to serving members of the Armed Forces, veterans of all ages and their families.

How are the Poppy Pin Badges made?

Take a look at this interesting video to find out how poppy pin badges are made!

Why do we wear Poppy Pin Badges?

The poppy is a symbol of respect for those who have died during the First and World War II. It is also for those millions of people affected by war.

Poppies are said to be the first flower to emerge from the freshly-dug graves of dead soldiers on Flanders Fields.
Canadian Doctor John McCrae was the first person to notice. He went on to write the poem In Flanders Fields – recalling the scene. The poem inspired the use of silk poppies as a sign of remembrance.

The poppies are now a symbol of remembrance and hope.

When can you start wearing the Poppy Pin Badge?

Poppies are sold from around October 23, 2016 but most people won’t start wearing it until October 31. It is believed that a poppy should be worn from 11 days before Remembrance Day.
Others meanwhile say that a poppy shouldn’t be worn until after Bonfire Night and Halloween.

Source: Metro, Tottenham Hotspur

Are you looking for personalised pin badges to promote your charity or business? We can help you!

We, at i4c Publicity Ltd is one of the leading providers of high quality promotional merchandise such as custom badges, ties, key chains, medals, trolley coins, cufflinks, tie slides, embroidered badges, scarfs, pennants, fridge magnets, wristbands, shields, plaques, umbrellas and more!

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