History and Evolution of Promotional Merchandise

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History and evolution of Promotional Merchandise

History and evolution of Promotional Merchandise

Commemorative Coins

The first ever promotional product was the commemorative buttons of the election victory of George Washington in 1789
Today Commemorative coins are die struck and polished giving the medals an extremely high-quality finish.

Button Badges

In 1893, Benjamin S. Whitehead patented the insertion of a sheet of a celluloid transparent film over a photograph mounted on a badge to protect the image from scratches and abrasion.

Another patent was issued to his New Jersey company, Whitehead & Hoag, in 1896 for a “Badge Pin or Button” which used a metal pin anchored to the back of the button to fasten the badge.

Button badges are very versatile and are now used in charities, schools and clubs. They are a simple and low cost way of getting your message out there. They can now be made in various sizes. They come with super safe on the reverse as well.

Key Chains

key chains have been around since the latter part of the 19th century. From its humble beginnings as metal rings or hoops, key chains and key rings have definitely not allowed themselves to be left behind by technology.

Key chains, especially trolley key chains/Trolley tokens have become very popular. Various materials ranging from PVC to metals and finishes have made it a very popular merchandise.


Necktie originated in the 17th century, during the 30 year war in France when King Louis XIII hired Croatian mercenaries wore a piece of cloth around their neck as part of their uniform. Neckties were used to tie the top of their jackets which also had quite a decorative effect.

He liked it so much that he made these ties a mandatory accessory for Royal gatherings, and gave this clothing piece the name “La Cravate” – the name for necktie in French to this day.

Ties have become a fashionable accessory today. There are varieties of materials such as silk and polyester from which ties are made. Logos and designs can be created on the ties. Ties can be a very useful promotional merchandise to Schools, Universities, Corporate, Associations and Clubs.
Tie slides and cufflinks have also gained popularity with increasing demand for ties.

Fridge Magnets

World’s first fridge magnet was invented by William Gladstone Blunt and Emmanuel Shiverofski in 1876. What started as a magnetic advert for trains was transformed into fridge magnets!

Fridge magnets are a very fancy merchandise to have. Most homes have a variety of fridge magnets. Technology has given us the provision to manufacture magnets ranging from PVC to metal finished with intricate enamel and polishing.

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