Using Award Badges in Education – Tips for Teachers

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School Award Badges

Every School aims at motivating students to do well and get good grades. The common goal for teachers and parents is not only getting their children to get excellent grades but also learning in order to use this knowledge in real life. Achieving this can be turned into a ‘fun mode’ by rewarding students with badges!

Badges are a very innovative way to motivate, cheer and bring the element of competitive spirit into the learning system. Children love to show off the badges they have earned through the process. Children with award badges motivate fellow children to work towards it and earn more badges.

Badges encourage students to try harder and think outside the box. Badges are an attractive reward and who wouldn’t love to be rewarded and given something to wear that shows off their achievement?

Where can I begin?

Teachers can list the targets they want the students to meet and reward them with certain badges!

  1. Specific Targets
    List specific activities you want your students to complete.Once the student is successful in this he will be rewarded with a beautiful badge!
  2. Random Targets
    You can create a few badges for doing something completely random but still in line with the class curriculum. It might be an assignment or a project work. It can be something that helps students to put additional effort to learn the subject.
  3. Exceptional targets
    Apart from the day to day tasks, some targets are hard to accomplish. When a student achieves something extraordinary, another special badge can be awarded. This is an innovative way to push students to work harder and to do things in unconventional ways.

Source: Edudemic

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