Our Top 10 Fundraising Merchandise Items For Charities

Group of metal charity badges

Whether you’re helping raise money for a cause close to your heart, national charity or school, promotional merchandise can help spread the word and create awareness in the market. We have a fantastic range of fundraising merchandise which we sell in bulk that is personalised to your specific needs. What’s more, the more you buy the greater the saving so you get to put more toward your charity. Here are our top 10 items…

1. Pin Badges

Pin badges are the most cost effective way to generate awareness of your cause and more importantly are very easy to sell and generate income from. They are our top selling badge product and are synonymous with charity promotion. View our range of Charity Pin Badges.

2. Trolley Coin Keychain / Key Chains

Key Chains & Trolley coins provide a truly unique proposition because they are something that is physically used and provide genuine convenience. The end product is also usually colourful and cost effective to produce. View our range of Key Chains.

3. Pens / Pencils

For something with a low unit cost that is easily distributed, nothing beats pens and pencils! The beauty of this items is that it will be carried around and used everywhere, giving it exposure on a mass level. View our range of Pens & Pencils.

4. Wristbands

Bright, durable and available in a range of colours – Wristbands ensure exposure of your charity as they are so visible. They’re also a very cost effective way of getting your charity logo on to an item that people will wear with pride. View our range of Wristbands.

5. Mugs

Everyone needs a cuppa! So why not tie one of the nation’s favourite pastimes with you charity? We have a vast range of different types of mugs from thermal mugs to full colour versions. View our range of Mugs.

6. Bags For Life

Gone are the good old days where supermarkets handed out free carrier bags! With the law change people are more interested in looking for Bags For Life. This represents a great opportunity to generate brand awareness and do your bit for the environment. View our range of Bags For Life.

7. Sports Bottles

As people are becoming much more health conscious there is a new trend to drink more water and also to reduce carbon footprint – What better way to promote your charity than right in the hand of these health conscious people! View our range of Sports Bottles.

8. Reusable Mugs

Just as Sports Bottles are perfect for the health conscious, Reusable mugs are perfect to target both coffee and tea lovers! They provide a highly durable and personal solution to promoting your charity. View our range of Reusable Mugs.

9. Umbrellas

It could be said that Umbrellas are an essential item when you relate it back to UK Weather!
Highly useful promotional product and guaranteed to get exposure. You can have your logo added and even company colours. View our range of Umbrellas.

10. Stickers or Gimmicks

These types of items allow you to get mass exposure at a very low cost. View our full range.



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