Exploring Different Pin Badge Finishes 

Here at i4c Publicity, we offer a range of different pin badge finishes. However, we often get asked which finish is best, and the truth is that it all depends on your project and the look that you desire. 

Below, we’ve gone into more detail of the pin badge finishes that we offer… 

How to Choose Different Pin Badges 

Soft Enamel 

This is a popular finish for badges, as it is high quality but low cost. The process to make this involves stamping the design onto your chosen metal, and then filled with coloured enamel. This creates a dimensional look, as the metal borders surround each colour. This can get finished with an epoxy resin coating, making it appear with a smooth finish whilst also having a protective coating. Without this, soft enamel badges will appear with a textured and bumpy finish. 

Soft Enamel is perfect for: 

Hard Enamel 

With hard enamel, the enamel is added to the same level as the metal die lines, and each colour is baked individually. This can mean that there is a greater cost involved. Once complete, the badge is polished to finish the process. Because there are so many polish steps involved, the badge can sometimes achieve less detail however the polishing effect does leave a high shine, smooth finish.

Hard Enamel is perfect for: 

  • Awards 
  • Corporate Lapel Badges 
  • Traditional Badges

Vitreous Enamel 

Vitreous enamel starts in the form of powdered glass, which is stamped into the metal. It is then fired at a high temperature until it melts together, and polished to a high standard. This is therefore a very durable badge finish and also gives you that extra wow factor. 

Vitreous Enamel is perfect for: 

Die Struck 

These are very economical and great for 3D designs. They are made by pouring molten metal into pre-prepared moulds and then fired and end up looking slightly recessed. The design is stamped onto metal and can be finished in various metals such as gold, bronze and silver or antique gold, antique silver and antique bronze, these are ideal for Award Badges and replicate logos perfectly.

Die Struck is perfect for: 

Printed Metal 

Printed metal finishes are recommended for intricate designs and detailing, as well as shades or gradients. The design is offset printed on metal, with an Epoxy coating then added to increase durability. 

Printed Metal is perfect for: 

  • Complex designs 
  • Charity Badges 
  • Promotions & Giveaways 

If you’re still not sure which pin badge finish you should choose, contact our friendly team of experts now who will be happy to advise you.