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Do Promotional Pens Work? 

We’ve all been to a networking event and picked up a handful of pens throughout the evening, but the real question – is do they work as a promotional product? 

In short, the answer is yes. Pens are a fundamental part of promotional merchandise product ranges and can have great effects on your marketing. 

What are the Benefits of Promotional Pens? 

Pens Reach a Wider Audience 

Promotional pens are a great way to get your brand into potential customers minds, by showcasing your logo and possibly contact details, which results in brand recognition. Even with the Digital Age upon us, everyone uses pens – on average 60% of people use a pen 5-10 times a day. What’s more, pens often get passed around to others, giving you extra exposure to others for free. 

Pens are essential around both the office and home, meaning that most people will use a pen throughout the day. The more times that people see your business name, the better your business performs, as it pushes your brand under people’s nose. 

Low Cost Marketing

Promotional pens are a low-cost effective way of marketing, as you can normally buy them in bulk for a lower price. 

Brand Recognition 

They also offer instant brand recognition, as consumers can identify your company and brand immediately by looking at your logo. 

A Wide Variety 

What’s more, you now have access to various different pens – from different coloured biros, highlighters, pencils and biodegradable ballpens – there’s more choice than ever! Meaning you will get in front of even the pickiest of people. 

Pair with Other Items 

The great thing about promotional pens is that you can pair them with other promotional merchandise, such as bottles. This allows you to print your logo and contact details on different items to give to customers and raise your brand awareness. 


If you’re looking for promotional pens for your brand, our friendly team is happy to advise and quote you a bespoke price for your desired merchandise. You can also view our wide range of promotional pens and writing equipment. 


5 Types of Simple Promotional Merchandise That Make an Impact   

Getting your promotional merchandise campaign right can be tricky, and you will need to decide which products to give away. There are lots of great promotional merchandise ideas out there, but you need to choose the one best suited for your business and campaign message. 

We’ve come up with a list of brandable products that may get high retention levels to get the best out of your campaign. 

Promotional Merchandise Items That Work 

1. Keyrings 

Keyrings are a common form of merchandise, which although can make it hard to stand out from the rest, can be a handy item to have your branding on. What’s more, to stand out from the crowd you could invest in bottle opener keyrings – something that people find useful and will want to have. With keyrings being carried around with you all of the time, the likelihood of people seeing you logo everyday is high – which will mean that you will stay in the forefront of their mind. 

2. Pens 

Pens are an everyday essential, and is one of the most simple forms of promotional merchandise. Pens leave a lasting impression, with them being kept, used and seen often – meaning your brand can really get out into the wider audience. As well as adding your logo to pens, you can also add a little information – such as slogan or contact details. 

3. Memory Sticks 

In a world of technology, memory sticks are a handy piece of merchandise that customers will love. Memory sticks are a useful device across all industries, and research shows that USB Memory Sticks offer over 700 impressions in their lifetime – which is a great advertising opportunity for you! 

4. Travel Mugs 

With the environment being big on everybody’s minds, and coffee shops now offering a discounted price on coffee when you use a reusable mug, travel mugs are a great promotional item. They are a great companion for the morning commute, meaning not only does the individual see your branding – but so do many others. Travel Mugs are a great way to get maximum exposure, whilst adding value to the customer and the environment around them – reflecting well on your business.

5. Umbrellas 

If you like in the UK, then the likelihood is that you have an umbrella in your bag or car at all times. So what better way to spread the awareness of your brand than with promotional umbrellas. Branding an umbrella with your logo will create a walking advertisement for your business, with a small upfront cost. 

There are many other promotional merchandise items, such as notebooks, wristbands and t-shirts, but you need to choose your items carefully – to see what suits your customers best to get that high exposure and make your money back. Not sure on which promotional items your business should choose? Give our friendly team a call now and get our expert advice.


Our Top Fundraising Merchandise

Fundraising badge with charity logo

We make a variety of products that are suitable for fundraising. These products are a great way to create awareness and raise much-needed funds for your charity.

Here are our top 5 Fundraising Items:

1. Charity Badges

Charity Badges are the UK’s most popular fundraising product as they are proven to be cost effective, and generate a good income. These are great products, as they are customised with your logo, meaning that they are seen by a large audience and will build your brand presence, helping you to raise funds for your cause. They are low budget, meaning that charities make a fantastic return on them, as well as being hugely popular as people love wearing badges. I4c Publicity also offers backing cards which are a great addition that attaches to your charity badge, which can be used to describe the details of your charity.

2. Trolley Coins

Trolley Coins are a great way to increase your fundraising efforts as they are used often in everyday life, meaning that they have high exposure to users. They can be used for supermarket and airport trolleys, as well as changing room lockers. This is a practical item that will be seen by people on a regular basis, helping your fundraising efforts.

personalised trolley coin, custom trolley coins, charity trolley keychains

3. Pens/Pencils

Everybody loves stationary, which is why pens and pencils are so good for fundraising for Charity. Their vibrant colours and simple lines are ideal for any message, that will be in view of people on a daily basis. People are guaranteed to keep and use pens and pencils, meaning that they will likely make a huge impact and your charity message will stay on their minds. Not only this, but pens often change hands, meaning your message will reach new people and help your fundraising efforts.

4. Wristbands

Personalised wristbands are a great way of promoting your charity as they have a high success rate and low cost. They can be personalised with your message and logo, meaning that they are attractive and those that wear them will remember your brand. They are also a great way for people to show their support in a highly-visible way, and unite supporters. Not only this, but wristbands are extremely durable meaning they will last a long time for many people to see, increasing your brand awareness.

5. Mugs

Mugs are great for large scale events. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to print your logo, name and message. They can be given away and taken home by recipients, increasing your brand exposure as they will be seen by others too.

Overall, fundraising merchandise is extremely effective as it allows you to increase your exposure and gain the all important funds for your cause in the long term. Contact our specialist team to discuss which promotional products would work best for your charity today.

Advantages of Promotional Items – Start the New Year with a Bang

Mug with logo

Businesses have advertising campaigns to allow them to grow and showcase their talents. Using promotional products and merchandise is a great way to move your advertising into the homes and workplaces of potential and existing customers and get them interested in your brand. Here are just a few advantages of promotional merchandise for your brand.

Cost Effective

Promotional products help you to reach a large number of people with a small budget and minimal effort. Additionally to this, it is cost effective in terms of impressions compared to other advertising processes, whilst also gaining more active interaction with consumers compared to magazine and tv. Statistics show that promotional products have a 50.7% success rate of a call to action.

Attract New Customers

Promotional merchandise can create brand awareness and attract new clients – helping you to expand your business. Giving out promotional products means there are no limitations for target audience and puts your brand in hands of people who otherwise may not have chance to advertise to. They attract attention, making people more receptive to your business, logo and brand name, which is necessary for brand recognition and exposure.

promotional mugs

Build Brand Loyalty

Businesses need to engage well with customers, and free gifts allow you to do this with large benefits. When you give something to a customer for free, they are more likely to become loyal to you, even after the gift giving has been completed. It is also a great way to start communication, a chance for you to build a relationship and ultimately a sale. Studies show that giving a gift to customers will increase their chance of purchasing from you in the future, instead of your competitors.

Builds a Good Relationship

Building strong connections will help your business in the long run, helping to build your brand presence and build trust with customers. Gifting products is a great communication starter as they are likely to listen to what you have to say. This means that they will then use word of mouth marketing, recommending to friends and family and thus bringing in more sales and revenue for your business.

promotional keyrings


These products can be used in giveaways, which are used to attract customers who will remember your brand. This is also a great way to increase engagement as well as brand awareness, and great for the customer who wins the competition. It will bring your network together and allow you to find new people and target audiences, as it will bring together a variety of different people.

Reward your customers

Gifting products set the steps to build relations with an existing client, and shows that you are distinctive from your competitors. It will allow them to get passionate about your brand when emotions are triggered, strong levels of commitment which leads to strong customer retention. Providing personalised, tangible products is effective to keep potential customers interested in your brand.


Adding new ideas and tools to your marketing mix creates fresh opportunities and allows you to increase brand exposure and awareness. Why not use some promotional merchandise to meet your marketing goals in 2019, allowing you to kick start the new year right.