A Guide on How to Tie a Tie for Father’s Day Celebrations

Man tying blue stripe tie

With Father’s day approaching, you may have a big family plans or a nice meal to treat your dad. Getting suited and booted for this occasion may involve you wearing a tie – but do you know the best way to tie a tie? Here are our top 3 tie tips.  

How to Tie a Simple Knot

This is the most popular way to wear a tie.

  1. Drape tie around your neck, with the wide end extending 12 inches below the narrow end
  2. Cross the wide end over the narrow end, then turn the wide end back underneath the narrow
  3. Continue wrapping the wide end around the narrow by bringing it across the front
  4. Pull the wide end up and through the back of the loop
  5. Hold the front of the knot with your index finger and bring the wide end down through the knot
  6. Tighten the knot carefully by holding the narrow end and sliding the knot up

Simple purple knot tie with blue shirt

How to Tie a Found in Hand Tie

This is a popular tie for beginners, and is one of the oldest ways to tie a tie.

  1. Drape the tie around your neck and the seam facing inward and the wide end on your left. This should be 2-3 inches lower than your desired finishing position
  2. Bring the wide end across the front of the narrow end, and then pass it back behind the narrow end
  3. Pass the wide end across the front of the knot
  4. Pass the wide end behind the know, and then back across the front
  5. Put a finger under this third horizontal loop
  6. Bring the tip of the wide end underneath the lop and feed it up behind the knot, and down over the front of the knot and through the third loop
  7. Pull the wide end through the horizontal loop
  8. Adjust the tie by pulling gently on the narrow end and loop around your collar

How to tie a tie graphic instructions

How to Tie a Bow Tie

Feeling a bit fancy? Why not wear a bow tie

  1. Start with the bow tie around your neck, ensuring seams are facing down and the right side is longer than the left
  2. Place the right end over the left, making an X shape
  3. Loop the longer end behind the X to create a simple knot. Pull tight and leave the longer end resting on your shoulder
  4. Place your index finger on the widest part of the curve of the shorter end, fold it to create a bow shape.
  5. Place the folded tip across your collar, with shorter end close to your neck
  6. Holding the bow with your forefinger and bring the longer end straight down over the shorter end in the middle of the bow
  7. Fold the longer end back towards your chest, pinch and fold and double the tip over to make a wing
  8. Tuck the folder tip of the longer end behind the folded tip of the shorter end and pass it up behind the knot
  9. With wings in place, tug the loops behind them to tighten the vertical front knot
  10. Hold the front down with one finger, and ensure wings are symmetrical

Navy and black bow ties

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