Are Clip-On-Ties For Schools The Way Forward?

5 grey and burgundy ties for Schools

Health and safety is becoming tighter in all walks of life.

The latest health and safety clampdown is at school level and is seeing the strong emergence of the clip-on-tie.  Traditional school ties are becoming rare, as headmasters up and down the country in both state and public schools seem to be opting for the safer clipped alternative.

With subjects like design and technology that require pupils to operate machinery in workshops, schools are deeming the traditional school tie to be a safety hazard with fears of these ties getting caught in machines.  Schools are becoming so passionate about the issues that there has been cases in the national media where pupils have been excluded for not following these tie guidelines.

With the growing number of academies up and down the country, they promote a smart, traditional image, with other schools promoting a corporate look that will make pupils more at ease in their working lives later on.  Another growing trend in schools is a return to the ‘house’ system, where school uniform ties now have to be matching with the colour of that house so pupils can be differentiated.

At i4c Publicity we have recognised these changing trends in schools and acknowledge that each school has different needs.

We offer all of our ties with the option of standard or clip-on-ties as well as Velcro or elasticated ties too.

We can manufacture a wide range of designs incorporating your school name, logo and design that meet your individual specification.

You can find out more information about our school ties on our website.


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