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Why Your Business Should Throw an Awards Party 

Group of corporate merchandise including matching ties, cufflinks and gift box

It’s that time of year where Christmas is creeping upon us, and it’s the perfect time to combine your Christmas Party with an Awards Ceremony. 

Whilst some people think that a big party is an unnecessary business expense, by not throwing one you may be missing out on a big opportunity to get employees engaging and socialising in a more laid back environment.  

Here’s Our Top Reasons to Throw an Awards Party: 

Reward and Recognition 

Throwing an Awards Party is a very effective way of rewarding staff, as the main motivator factor involved in rewards, is born out of the recognition that comes with it. 


A party can reflect on the vital roles that employees have played, and all of their hard work for the past year. Giving rewards also have motivating factors as team members feel valued. 

Thanking Staff in a Speech  

Combining the party or ceremony with an annual speech can be beneficial, as recognising various aspects of employees work can underp underpin the rewarding properties of throwing a seasonal bash.

Engaging Environment 

The value found in enjoying a good time with colleagues in a personable environment is priceless, and it is a great opportunity to engage employees with business objectives for the year ahead. 

Company Reputation 

Throwing an awards party is a great way to instill a sense of confidence in staff, because they will feel that they work for a great company that also has a bright future. Not only this, but shout loud and proud about your awards party on social media, and it will help boost your reputation, and perhaps give you the competitive edge. 

Say Thank You 

An awards party is also a great way to thank your staff for their hard work for the year, and bringing the team together is a great way to do this. 

Reward Gifts 

Some great gift ideas for reward items include those that have the business logo on – further helping your marketing campaign. These could include Award Badges, and Accessories such as cufflinks. 

As well as being fun, Awards Parties are a great way to motivate employees, by rewarding and engaging them which will further help your business overall. What’s more, getting employees to socialise in relaxed atmosphere helps them to build a rapport with one another, further helping to yield long-term results in the working environment. 

Do you want to give your employees rewards at your Awards Party? We can supply a range of products to suit everybody. Get in touch today with our friendly team to see how we can help you. 



Matching Your Outfit Accessories for Corporate Identity

Accessories such as cufflinks, tie slides and badges can make all of the difference with your outfit, brand and corporate identity. What’s more, having a range of products with your logo on allows consistency throughout the brand. 

How to Match Your Accessories 

Matching small accessories such as cufflinks to your tie is a safe way to look professional and well put together, further helping to build you and your business’s reputation. You can match your cufflinks by using the same colour as your tie.

Coordinating metals across your outfit shows a well-kept appearance and ensures that you look professional. This includes your cufflinks, tie slides and badges. Also remember that some metals compliment each other better than others, for example titanium and silver work really well together. Take this into consideration when choosing your badge plating – we have a variety to choose from. 

Scarves and Ties 

Having a matching set of corporate merchandise increases the reputation of your brand. What’s more, having your staff dressed in matching accessories helps with your brand identity. As men can wear ties with the brand logo and colours, you can also purchase scarves for women, with the matching design. Scarves are ideal to complement your existing Tie range.

Red striped tie and matching scarf with gift box

Our free design service allows you to receive a design ready for all our products, which we can adapt to different products and various sizes and dimensions. Contact us now to see how we can create various products to reflect your brand.