Matching Your Outfit Accessories for Corporate Identity

Accessories such as cufflinks, tie slides and badges can make all of the difference with your outfit, brand and corporate identity. What’s more, having a range of products with your logo on allows consistency throughout the brand. 

How to Match Your Accessories 

Matching small accessories such as cufflinks to your tie is a safe way to look professional and well put together, further helping to build you and your business’s reputation. You can match your cufflinks by using the same colour as your tie.

Coordinating metals across your outfit shows a well-kept appearance and ensures that you look professional. This includes your cufflinks, tie slides and badges. Also remember that some metals compliment each other better than others, for example titanium and silver work really well together. Take this into consideration when choosing your badge plating – we have a variety to choose from. 

Scarves and Ties 

Having a matching set of corporate merchandise increases the reputation of your brand. What’s more, having your staff dressed in matching accessories helps with your brand identity. As men can wear ties with the brand logo and colours, you can also purchase scarves for women, with the matching design. Scarves are ideal to complement your existing Tie range.

Red striped tie and matching scarf with gift box

Our free design service allows you to receive a design ready for all our products, which we can adapt to different products and various sizes and dimensions. Contact us now to see how we can create various products to reflect your brand.